SE Schweden

Live cattle (Bos taurus), including bison (Bison bison) and water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis).

The Swedish Board of Agriculture’s Regulations on measures to prevent the spread of the disease paratuberculosis in cattle in Swedish establishments

The regulations contain provisions setting out requirements on what an operator needs to do to be allowed to bring cattle into their establishment due to the disease paratuberculosis.

The requirements that the operator must meet vary depending on whether the establishments from which the animals come have documented good status regarding paratuberculosis. If the animals come from establishments that do not have documented good status regarding paratuberculosis, the animals must, inter alia, be isolated and tested before they may be brought together with other animals in the establishment and they must undergo follow-up testing after they have been brought together with other animals.

The regulations therefore always apply when an operator is to take cattle into their establishment regardless of whether the animals come from Sweden or another country.