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  • B00 - BAUWESEN

The construction and renovation of consequence class 1 buildings. These are simple buildings, such as houses, including houseboats, recreational houses, simple company buildings and small infrastructural works.

Construction Quality Assurance Order

The Construction Quality Assurance Decree regulates that the quality assurance officer’s declaration on the realised building must be delivered together with the completion report for that building. The Annex to the Construction Quality Assurance Order establishes the form to be used by the quality assurance officer for the completion report. This may be a technical regulation as referred to in the Directive. In the declaration form for the completion report of the quality assurance officer, the quality assurance officer declares that he is authorised to apply the instrument for quality assurance, that the instrument has been applied in the prescribed

manner, and that in his opinion the completed building complies with the structural regulations.

No equivalence provision has been included, as it is part of the requirements imposed on a quality assurance instrument (the declaration must comply with an established format which also applies to foreign service providers). The requirement is therefore non-discriminatory.