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  • B30 - Umwelt

Sustainable management of material cycles and waste.

Flemish Government draft Decree amending the Flemish Government Decree of 12 December 2008 implementing Title XVI of the Decree of 5 April 1995 laying down general environmental policy provisions, and the Flemish Government Decree of 17 February 2012 adopting the Flemish regulation on sustainable management of material cycles and waste - 8th package of amendments

The amendments contained in the 8th package of amendments to VLAREMA include a transposition of the European Waste Framework Directive, the Directive on port reception facilities for the delivery of waste from ships and IMO guidelines. VLAREMA is being adapted to promote the separate collection and recycling of a number of waste materials. For example, there will be compulsory demolition tracking for large shipyards in order to improve the quality of recycled rubble granulate. An obligation will be introduced to exclude bio-waste

from residual waste at all households and businesses from the end of 2023. Through extended producer responsibility, collection and recycling objectives will be introduced for mattresses, and recycling objectives for waste tires will be increased. For batteries and accumulators, there will be new agreements on securing guarantees for the financing of collection and recycling. There will be clearer rules on extended producer responsibility for distance selling. The introduction of clearer rules of play for the collection of industrial residual waste should improve the separate collection of recyclable fractions from companies and guarantee a level playing field in the collection sector. New provisions allow for the digitisation of waste shipment documents in
order to promote tracking of waste shipments and treatment. Finally, this Decree contains the measures necessary for an asbestos inventory in the implementation of the asbestos removal action plan, including provisions on the asbestos inventory inspection protocol, the recognition of certification bodies, the certification of asbestos inventory experts, the processing of data, the asbestos inventory database, and the period of validity of asbestos inventory certificates