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Promotion of gambling services

Utkast til lov om pengespill (Draft Act relating to Gambling Games)

The proposal for a new Act covers all gambling activities (land based and internet based) that target the Norwegian market. A permit issued in accordance with the Act is required in order to offer gambling games. The proposal continues and strengthens the current Norwegian exclusive rights model. Sole rights to offer gambling games that have a high turnover, high prizes or the highest risk of causing gambling problems are given to the state owned company Norsk Tipping and one operator offering gambling on horse races. These operators must submit to strict public control. In addition, gambling games with low turnover and prizes of limited value may be offered in a limited scope by non-profit organisations, as a supplement to the gambling games offered by the operators with sole rights. All operators are obliged to put in place measures to ensure responsible gambling, prevent crime in relation to gambling and ensure safe and fair gambling. Profits from gambling games shall, as under the current legislation, primarily go to non-profit-based activities.

Marketing of gambling games not permitted according to the Act, is not allowed. Marketing of legal gambling games shall be limited, and shall aim to channel gambling towards safe and responsible games. Marketing shall not be targeted at certain vulnerable groups, such as minors or people who have opted out of marketing for gambling games. The current payment transfer ban for deposits or winnings related to gambling games offered by operators without a permit in Norway, is continued.

The Act entails provisions on case processing and supervision by the Gaming Authority, provisions on access to information and premises by the Gaming Authority, and provisions relating to the Gaming Board as the appellate body. The Act also entails provisions on enforcement and sanctions, e.g. the possibility of the Gaming Board to order unlawful activities to be rectified or stopped, order a permit revoked, order that a warning message shall be posted on internet sites (DNS) targeting the Norwegian market without a permit, as well as coercive fines, infringement fines and penal sanctions.

The proposed Act will be supplemented by further Regulations, to be adopted after the basic act has been adopted. Relevant Regulations will be notified separately in due course.