SE Schweden

Bees and extended honeycombs

Regulations amending the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s Regulations (SJVFS 1992:38) on the control of American foulbrood, varroosis and acariosis of bees

The proposal concerns restrictions on the movement of live honeybees, apiculture products and apiculture materials.

In our proposal, we have, on the basis of existing authorisations, tried to simplify the regulations concerning varroa mites and adapted the nomenclature to the EU’s new Animal Health Regulation.
As varroa mites have been found in additional areas since 2018 when we last amended the Regulations, we believe that it is no longer justified to have three zones with different meanings. The beekeepers themselves must assume most of the responsibility for handling varroa mites. Therefore, we intend to only declare as infected the areas where varroa mites have been detected and to regulate which movements are permitted outside of these restriction zones. This means that instead of having three zones, we only have one ‘restriction zone’.
The regulation is worded so that the rules are addressed to the supervisor, as there are no authorisations to aim address regulations to individuals.