SE Schweden

Aquatic animals and products thereof

The Swedish Board of Agriculture’s Regulations on farming permits for and movements of aquatic animals

The proposal contains rules on:
– requirements for farming permits and
– requirements regarding movement, entry and export respectively
The rules on farming permits are national rules that can be seen as the regulation of production methods.
Sweden has national legislation where environmental and nature conservation aspects are linked to disease control aspects through conditions for farming permits.
The rules on movement from another EU country or from a country outside the EU are national rules that we, when the EU’s new animal health legislation is introduced on 21 April 2021, are permitted to have in order to maintain our good animal health situation.
The regulation means that anyone wishing to bring aquatic animal species susceptible to the diseases SVC, IPN or BKD to Sweden must ensure that the fish meet the conditions in the Regulations. These conditions largely correspond to the requirements set today.