RO Rumänien

milk and dairy products

Law on milk and dairy products

This draft regulates the milk and dairy products sector, including milk-based preparations and preparations whose raw materials include milk products, and creates the legal framework for presenting and marketing such products.

It establishes the Milk Observatory, under the specialised technical directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which will also manage the Milk Register, in which economic operators must register in order to carry out activities in the field.
This Law regulates the obligation of economic operators carrying out activities in the field of raw milk processing and the production of drinking milk and dairy products intended to be marketed in Romania, including importers, traders and distributors undertaking trade activity in Romanian territory, to do so only on the basis of registration of the product in the Milk Register and to inscribe the registration number on the label.
At the same time, dairy products with added vegetable fats must be marketed in a well-defined space in which the buyer is explicitly informed about the content of these products. The same rules apply to the sale of milk-based products with added vegetable fats or other fats foreign to the composition of milk or vegetable proteins, marketed in bulk, as well as in the menus and recipes of meals, pastry products, pizzerias, fast-food and confectionery products and in culinary products for the catering industry produced using such ingredients.
Contraventions are to be identified and sanctions applied by the authorised inspection staff of the competent authorities in the field.