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Tobacco substitutes

Order on the reporting of tobacco substitutes

On 8 October 2020 Folketinget (the Danish Parliament) submitted a bill amending the Act on the ban on tobacco advertising etc., Act on tobacco products etc., Act on electronic cigarettes etc. and various other acts (Implementation of the national action plan against smoking by children and young people). The bill implements the political agreement for a national action plan against smoking by children and young people. The bill contains a number of provisions enabling the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs to lay down detailed rules.

The Order lays down requirements for reporting tobacco substitutes. A tobacco substitute is a product containing nicotine that does not contain tobacco.

The Order contains rules stating that the manufacturers and importers of each tobacco substitute must provide information on the reporting entity itself and on the product’s trade name, product type, product ID and ingredients and the quantities thereof. The reports of new or altered tobacco substitutes must be submitted before they are placed on the market.