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  • T40T - Stadtverkehr und Strassentransport

Vehicles in service from international category L (2- and 3-wheeled vehicles, including quadricycles)

Regulation on electrical retrofitting systems for equipping category L vehicles

The measure in question comprises 9 articles and 5 annexes which form an integral part thereof.

Article 1. Definitions
Article 2. Scope of application, namely electrical retrofitting of category L vehicles in service
Article 3. Procedure for type-approval of the systems
Article 4. General characteristics of electrical retrofitting systems for type-approval
Article 5. Requirements for system manufacturers
Article 6. Requirements for installing the system in vehicles and updating the vehicle registration certificate
Article 7. Conformity of production
Article 8. Recognition of systems with type-approval from other States of the European Union or the European Economic Area or safeguard clauses
Article 9. Final provisions