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Draft Regulation 4AA/2021 M covers the frequencies used by all types of equipment falling under the scope of the Information Society Code (917/2014). These include, among others, aviation radio transmitters, mobile communication networks, remote control equipment, maritime radio transmitters, amateur radio equipment, radio links, satellite earth stations, closed network equipment (PMR equipment), radio and television transmitters and UWB equipment.

Draft Radio Frequency Regulation 4AA/2021 M of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency and associated radio frequency utilisation plan (frequency allocation table) for the frequency interval 100 Hz to 400 GHz, also including the radio interface specifications.

The draft Radio Spectrum Regulation 4AA/2021 M and the associated radio frequency utilisation plan mainly include such definitions related to the efficient planning and control of the use of radio frequencies which have not been included in the previously notified type-examination requirements and which have mainly been replaced by harmonised standards. The radio interface specification is thus also included therein.

Regulation 4AA/2021 M and the radio frequency utilisation plan, which are pending ratification, will be published on the website of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency in due course. The radio frequency utilisation plan is kept in a database which is updated, on average, about once a year. The utilisation plan includes a list of the sections which have been amended from the previously notified version. In addition to the actual frequency allocation table, the document for notification also includes annexes explaining the terms used in the table, UWB radio interfaces which are not particularly suitable for the actual structure of the table, inductive equipment and references to the standards (references to standards are given for information purposes only).