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The Remote Gambling Act [Wet Kansspelen op afstand - KOA] provides for a Central Gambling Exclusion Register (CRUKS). The Central Gambling Exclusion Register (hereinafter: CRUKS) must ensure that persons entered in the register can no longer participate in gambling offered under Dutch licences. The KOA tasks the Board of the Gambling Authority (Kansspelautoriteit - KSA) with maintaining the exclusion register and ensuring that licensed providers are connected thereto and can check whether or not a player may be admitted to their gambling offer. The register is open for persons who would like to voluntarily register themselves for exclusion and persons involuntary registered by a decision of the Board of the KSA.

CRUKS is the digital system of the KSA that the Board uses to implement the Act.

Central Gambling Exclusion Register [Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen - CRUKS]

Description of the operation of the CRUKS application.

The CRUKS application is a tool to facilitate the process of voluntary and involuntary exclusion from gambling. With this tool, a player can self-register for exclusion, the KSA can register a player involuntarily for exclusion and gaming providers can check whether a player who is logging in appears in the register (note: ‘gaming providers’ only refers to the providers licensed to offer gaming).

The attached document ‘CRUKS application description 20200916’ [Beschrijving Cruks applicatie 20200916] describes the CRUKS application and the technical connection specifications for the interface between a gaming provider and CRUKS.