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Products to be used in conduits in essential stairways, in spaces between essential stairways and exits outside, in essential corridors, as well as anterooms and security door systems prescribed under building regulations law

Draft Specimen Guideline on fire protection requirements for conduits (Specimen Guideline on Conduits [Muster-Leitungsanlagen-Richtlinie - MLAR]) version of 10 February 2015, as last amended by the resolution of the Expert Committee on Construction Supervision of 3 September 2020

The specimen guideline sets out in concrete terms the fire protection requirements laid down in § 40(2) of the Model Building Regulation (MBO, see Notification No 2016/0228/D in conjunction with 2019/0640/D) in relation to conduits in emergency walkways, as well as the passing of conduits through components for sealing off areas and the functional integrity of electrical conduits in the event of fire.

For the equivalence clause, reference is made to Section C1 of the published version of MVV TB, Version 2019/1 (see Notification 2019/0306/D).