DK Dänemark

Plant protection products and biocidal agents

Order on control agents

§ 29 of the Order already stipulates that the sale of highly toxic and toxic control agents requires a licence from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency .

In this new draft Order, § 29 introduces that this license is to be obtained by application via a specific IT system.

An option to be exempted from using the IT system if special circumstances apply is also inserted.

A requirement already currently exists in § 47 of the Order stipulating that the undertaking must pay a fee for the license obtained under § 29 of the Order.

In this new draft Order, § 47 introduces that payment of the fee must be made through the IT system, and that the amount of the fee is to be adjusted.

In addition, a new paragraph 2 is inserted in § 11 which serves merely to clarify the framework for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s authorisation.