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C50A Foodstuffs

Order on the control of salmonella in table egg-laying hens and pullets

In the Authorisation Order, the limit on how many eggs an egg producer may supply via farm sales, to their own retail establishment, and to their own egg packing station with limited turnover has been increased to 312 000 eggs per year. For the Table Eggs Order, this means that the previous limit of 500 laying hens has been amended accordingly such that flocks of up to 1 000 laying hens which meet the requirements specified above for local production can be examined under less stringent rules for salmonella controls.

The testing programme has been amended for pullets of table egg-laying hens. The serological tests have been eliminated and replaced with bacteriological tests.

A new testing programme has also been developed for animals that do not originate from approved hatcheries or registered breeders and it is now possible to insert such animals into flocks that supply egg packing stations.

Lastly, the Order has also undergone a general revision.