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Remote gambling

Remote Gambling Regulation

The Regulation contains regulations for the purpose of implementing the Remote Gambling Act and the Remote Gambling Order with regard to the following: the licence for organising remote gambling, the operation of said licence and the licensee (Chapter 2); the organisation of remote gambling (Chapter 3, Section 1); the integrity policy of the licensee, which includes match fixing measures (Chapter 3, Section 2); access to remote gambling and the management of gambling credits (Chapter 3, Section 3); consumer protection, which includes handling complaints and information obligations (Chapter 3, Section 4); the gambling system for the organisation of remote gambling (Chapter 3, Section 5); the inspection of the gambling system (Chapter 3, Section 6); recording and reporting requirements and a datasafe (control database) for monitoring purposes (Chapter 4). In addition, (through amending the Recruitment, Advertising and Addiction Prevention (Gambling) Regulation in Article 5.1) further regulations are to be laid down with regard to gambling advertising restrictions to protect socially

vulnerable groups and with regard to the licensee's policy on addiction prevention and the creation and implementation thereof, the knowledge and skills of the relevant personnel, the recording and analysis of players' gambling behaviour and the intervention in that gambling behaviour, the information obligation towards players, the recording and reporting with regard to addiction prevention, the register for excluding players (CRUKS) and (the protection of) personal data. Finally, the Regulation provides for a use-related levy to cover the costs associated with (the prevention of) gambling addiction. The articles in Chapters 3, 4 and 5 may contain technical regulations.