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Structures (buildings)

Decree amending various decrees in connection with amendment of the method for determining the energy performance of buildings and the calibration of energy labels

This amendment is necessary to implement the revised European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), which requires the use of a new energy performance calculation method and indicator. The new calculation method is better, cleaner and more accurate than the current one.

This Decree applies technical amendments to the regulations for introduction of the new calculation method fort he energy performance of buildings (NTA 8800) and the new energy performance indicator (kWh/m2.y). The new indicator requires a new classification system for energy labels. It was decided here to apply the basic principle that implementation of the new indicator should be as policy-neutral as possible.

Articles l to VI may contain technical regulations.

Article 1.3 of the Building Decree 2012 [Bouwbesluit 2012] and Article 1.2 of the Environmental Structures Decree [Besluit bouwwerken leefomgeving] contain an equivalence clause that also applies to this amendment.