HU Ungarn
  • C50A - Lebensmittel

Drinking milk, sour cream, yoghurt, kefir, butter, curd cheese

Documentation on the recognition of the High Quality Food [Kiváló Minőségű Élelmiszer – KMÉ] quality scheme as a national quality scheme (certification rule, trademark rules, product specifications)

The High Quality Food (KMÉ) is a quality scheme consisting of several certification marks, each representing a different level of quality (Basic and Gold Grade), but as they are built on one another, they constitute one uniform trademark scheme. In accordance with the certification rule, farmers; small farmers; small, medium and large-sized enterprises producing and processing food and enterprises involved in food trade which have their own branded products are eligible for the quality scheme. All domestic and EU farmers, food producers, processors and distributors are permitted to join the trademark scheme. The basic eligibility conditions are laid down in the trademark rules supplementing the certification rule.

The quality scheme includes six product specifications (these are related to milk and dairy products), but the range of specifications can later be extended to other agricultural and food products. In order to meet the level of the KMÉ Basic Grade, the product must bear at least one characteristic that is more favourable than the usual, distinguishing it from other identical or similar products. The unique, excellent character can derive from the specific features of the product (including positive nutrition and biological value and taste); unique farming

and production methods; new, innovative processing technology or from the fact that the quality of the final product goes significantly beyond the general commercial commodity standards as regards public, animal or plant health, animal welfare or environmental protection. In the case of the Gold Grade, an excellent performance with regard to the Termékmustra is a prerequisite for joining the scheme. The Termékmustra is a complex, independent inspection concerning the food safety, quality and popularity of a product.