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  • H10 - Glücksspiele

Remote gambling

Act amending the Gambling Act, the Gambling Tax Act and certain other acts relating to the organisation of remote gambling

The proposal regulates remote gambling. Requirements are to be imposed on the operator, its company and the gambling services offered. The proposal includes measures for advertising restrictions, measures to prevent gambling addictions and measures for supervision and enforcement.

The proposed legislation was previously notified. Reference is made to Notification 2014/0101/NL - H10, under reference MSG 002 IND 2014 0101 NL EN 05-03-2014 NL NOTIF. The proposed legislation has subsequently been amended. The amendments relate to advertising restrictions (Articles 1b and 4a(3)(a)), the use of other customer bases (Article 4a(2)), the non-transferability of licences (Articles 5(6) and 31a(2)), the prevention of the manipulation of sports competitions (Articles 21, 25, 31a and 31k), the prevention of addictions (Articles 33e(1)(b), 33f and 31m(5)), supervision and enforcement (Articles 34n(5), 35e and 35f) and the designation of testing bodies (Article 31h(2)(b)). These (new or amended) articles may contain technical