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Remote gambling

Remote Gambling Order

The Order contains a significant number of regulations for the implementation of the Remote Gambling Act.
Amongst other aspects, requirements are provided for the organisation of online gambling activities, in particular with regard to the license and the gambling services on offer (Chapter 2); for the licensee and its reliability (Chapter 3); for the gambling organisation (Chapter 4), including representation in the Netherlands for the purpose of preventing addiction and separate product offerings (Part 1), integrity policy and preventing match fixing (Part 2), the entry and registration of players (Part 3), payment transactions (Part 4), consumer protection (Part 5), the gambling system (Part 6) and the testing thereof (Part 7) including the designation of testing bodies (division 1) and the carrying out of testing (division 3); and for compliance supervision and enforcement (Chapter 5), including obligations to register and report data, to maintain a control database in the Netherlands and to provide financial security. In addition, (through amending the Recruitment, Advertising and Addiction Prevention (Gambling) Order in Article 6.2) further measures on advertising restrictions are to be introduced, and requirements are to be set for the licensee's policy on addiction prevention, the knowledge and skills of the licensee's personnel, the analysis of the gambling services on offer, the registration and analysis of the
gambling behaviour of players and interventions for such gambling behaviour, including exclusion through registration in a national exclusion register, amongst other aspects. The relevant articles may contain technical regulations.