DK Dänemark
  • C10A - Fischerei

Fish and shellfish caught with non-destructive fishing gear, coastal, from small-scale vessels, and managed according to biological principles

Order on the labelling scheme for fish caught in coastal waters with non-destructive fishing gear

The Order was previously circulated for comments and submitted for notification.

The Order will implement a labelling scheme for fish and shellfish that is voluntary for both

primary producers and wholesalers along with other food companies.

The purpose of the labelling is to provide a market-based voluntary scheme to promote careful coastal fishing to the benefit of marine life on the seabed and local coastal communities. The goal is to create greater transparency in the market and thus offer consumers better information and more choice in relation to the impact of the products on nature and the quality profile of the products.

The Order establishes requirements for fishing gear and an environmental profile for these under the scheme. In addition, requirements for the length of fishing trips and the length of vessels are laid down in order to ensure a profile of the coastal fishing vessels of the producers. In addition, there will be requirements governing fishing skippers’ participation in quality courses as well as handling and availability for inspection visits which vessels, wholesalers and other food companies must comply with. The Order also allows foreign producers and/or products to be included in the scheme.

Since the last notification, the Order has been expanded with an additional requirement. This means that fish under the labelling scheme are caught on fishing grounds where the species is managed according to principles of non-destructive management (see § 2, paragraph 4(5), and § 7).