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Regulations amending the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations and general advice (TSFS 2010:96) on prevention of pollution from ships

Only part of the attached draft of amending regulations is deemed to be subject to a notification obligation, i.e. the amendment to Chapter 13, §§ 24 bis 24 c of TSFS 2010:96 that as of 1st January 2021, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea will be what is known as nitrogen emission control areas (NECA). This means stricter requirements for ships built after this date to, e.g. install abatement equipment.

The amendment to the Swedish regulations is a transposition of an IMO resolution (MEPC.286(71)), in which it was decided to introduce an amendment to MARPOL (the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Annex VI. As Austria and Hungary are not parties to the MARPOL Protocol of 1997, by which Annex VI was introduced, it has been deemed that the new national regulations transposing MEPC.286(71) under Directive 2015/1535 must be notified.