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The Regulation is to apply to L-category vehicles with regard to modifications of the structures thereto and other vehicles converted to L-category vehicles.

Modification of the structure of L-category vehicles

The Regulation is related to the project of the Ministry of Transport and Communications LVM002:00/2019 (comprehensive reform of the Vehicles Act). Upon entry into force, the new Vehicles Act will repeal the Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications on the repair and modification of the structure of a category L vehicle (1078/2009). In the future, the Regulation will lay down the necessary regulation on the technical characteristics and solutions for modification of L-category vehicles, insofar as the regulation is not transferred into the framework of the Vehicles Act or other regulations issued by virtue thereof.

The Regulation will lay down the provisions, amongst other aspects, on modifications to the vehicle body, rear and front fork, bodywork, chassis, steering equipment, suspension, rims and tyres, exhaust system, transmission, fuel system, lighting devices, audible warning device, rear-view mirrors, stand and speedometer.

In addition, provision is made for, amongst other aspects, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, motorcycle power reduction and installation of a sidecar on a motorcycle.