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Taxi services

Taximeters and taxi vehicle equipment
Also contains Information Society services

Draft Government Bill to Parliament amending the Act on Transport Services, § 155 of the Road Traffic Act and §§ 25 and 27 a of the Vehicles Act.

Several amendments related to the regulation of taxis are proposed to the Act on Transport Services.
In this context, the regulation concerning taximeters and other equipment and systems contained in the Vehicles Act would also be amended. In the future, a measuring instrument under the Measuring Instruments Directive (Directive 2014/32/EU) must be used for determining the price of a taxi ride based on distance and time. This is aimed at protecting the consumer and ensuring that the price is determined on the basis of reliable measurement results. In addition, all taxis should have equipment or a system collecting the data necessary for
tax control on the ride. Either the taximeter or other equipment or systems could be used for this purpose.
Traficom would issue further regulations on the other equipment or systems. This other equipment or system does not refer to the taximeter, and does not have to be attached to the taxi, work together with a separate signal generator, or display the price of the ride while driving.
It is proposed to add a regulation on the mandatory use of the taxi light (taxi lamp) to the Vehicles Act. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency would issue further provisions on the requirements for the taxi light.