DK Dänemark
  • B00 - BAUWESEN

A number of butterflies captured from the wild in Denmark (the covered species are those highlighted in yellow in Annex 1 to the draft Order)

Amendments to Order No 1466 of 6 December 2018 on the conservation of certain animal and plant species and the care of injured game (ban on the capture of butterflies)

The Order proposes the introduction of a ban on the private collection and storage of a number of butterflies.
This is done by placing a number of Danish butterfly species (highlighted in yellow in Annex 1 to the draft) under the ban on the capture and killing of nationally protected species as set out in the Order on species conservation. Going forward, the ban will also cover the trade, transfer, storage, preservation, transportation, and exhibition of specimens that are collected contrary to the ban. However, a number of museums and public authorities and institutions are exempted from the ban. In addition, the capture of the butterfly species in
question will still be permitted for research activities.
The ban only applies prospectively from the entry into force of the Order, and it will therefore remain legal to be in possession of and to trade collections that contain the butterflies covered by the ban, if they were collected prior to the ban taking effect. After the ban, it will not be possible to make new collections with the species concerned taken from the wild in Denmark.