LT Litauen
  • C20A - Landwirtschaft, Jagd
  • C20P - Kosmetische Produkte
  • C50A - Lebensmittel
  • C80A - Zusatzstoffe, Vitamine, Mineralstoffe und Aromen


C20A - Agriculture, hunting
C20P - Cosmetic products
C50A - Foodstuffs
C80A - Additives, vitamins, minerals and flavourings

Draft law of the Republic of Lithuania amending Law No. XII-336 on fibre hemp

The draft lays down the requirements for the cultivation and processing of hemp and for the market placement of its products and articles.

Fibre hemp may only be cultivated in the open air. An exemption shall apply in respect of scientific research institutes, which may, for scientific experimentation and selection purposes, cultivate fibre hemp under shelter and in laboratories.
The entire fibre hemp plant may be processed.
Fibre hemp products and articles placed on the market must be obtained or produced from hemp containing no more than 0.2% of tetrahydrocannabinol (hereinafter, "THC") and have a certificate confirming this. Each batch of fibre hemp products placed on the market of the Republic of Lithuania must have a laboratory analysis certificate confirming that the THC content of the hemp does not exceed the highest permissible level.
The THC content of fibre hemp products may also not exceed 0.2%. Lower permissible THC levels may be established in respect of specific fibre hemp products, or categories thereof, intended for end use and consumption, when inscribed in a list adopted jointly by the Minister for Health and the Minister for Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania.
Where the production processes of fibre hemp products result in any intermediate product with a THC content in excess of 0.2%, such production shall only be permitted if undertaken by legal entities in the possession of a permit to undertake production of fibre hemp products that results in intermediate fibre hemp products with a
THC content in excess of 0.2%. The draft lays down the requirements for obtaining such a permit.