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Protection of animals against cruelty, animal welfare, abused animals, breeding mills

Draft Government Act amending Act No 246/1992 on the protection of animals against cruelty, as amended, and Act No 634/2004 on administrative fees, as amended

This draft Act amends the Act on the protection of animals against cruelty. The amendments are aimed, in particular, at transposing Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes as requested by the European Commission (formal procedure 2017/2084 concerning the incorrect transposition of the Directive into national law within the meaning of EU Pilot 8619/16/ENVI).

In addition, it concerns funding for municipal authorities of municipalities with extended competence for the placement of abused animals in preliminary substitute care or, in cases involving many animals, substitute care.

It introduces the definition of a breeding mill, which covers the already existing ban on the breeding of animals in unsuitable conditions with a large number of animals bred at one place, explicitly bans the breeding of dogs or cats in a breeding mill, provides provisions on the breeding of animal species requiring special care, lays down which activities with selected carnivore species are prohibited, lays down stricter conditions for breeding selected carnivore species and great apes, and introduces a licence for public performances with selected carnivore species and their reproduction for the purposes of public performances.


abused animals in substitute care, breeding mills, species of animals requiring special care, carnivore species and great apes