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Cable transport devices (CTD)

Draft Regulation of the Minister for Infrastructure amending the Regulation of the Minister for Transport of 1 June 2006 on the technical conditions for the technical supervision relating to the design, manufacture, repair and modernisation of cable transport devices (Journal of Laws [Dziennik Ustaw] 2006, No 106, item 717)

The draft amendments have been made following the: 1) repealing of the provisions of the Act which regulated the obligations related to carrying out safety analyses of cableway installations; 2) introducing additional details to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/424 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016 on cableway installations and repealing Directive 2000/9/EC (O J EU L 81 of 31.3.2016, p. 1, and O J EU L 266 of 30.9.2016, p. 8), which although applied directly, require implementation in a national act to be effective. Article 8 of the aforementioned Regulation 2016/424 is such a specific provision, which provides for carrying out a safety analysis for planned cableway installations; 3) relaxation of the requirements for the supervision of cable transport devices—Alpine slide car lifts, by excluding this category of devices from the requirement to carry out special inspections. The exemption of the above-mentioned lifts from said inspections stems from the lack of appropriate standards allowing for the carrying out thereof. Furthermore, the notified draft Regulation provides additional details related to the safety analysis of cable transport devices (CTD), such as: the conditions for carrying out rescue activities and the safety of rescue teams, requirements for evacuation instructions in terms of the conditions and organisation of evacuation in the case of an emergency stop of a cableway installation, including the tasks and responsibilities of the entities responsible for carrying out the evacuation and important information for the rescuing entities which carry out drills and rescue activities on a CTD.