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Technical requirements for workboats

Safety of workboats

The Regulation on the safety of workboats (hereinafter the Workboat Regulation) provides for the structural safety of workboats and the conformity assessment procedure for workboats as well as the procedures used for the assessment. Boats which are at least 5.5 metres but no more than 24 metres long and which are used to exercise professional or entrepreneurial activities are referred to as workboats. The Workboat Regulation applies to the structure of workboats in the wider sense, including, among other things, the hull, stability, machinery, electrical installations and fire safety of workboats. The conformity assessment procedure refers to a process aiming to assess whether the requirements for the design and structure of workboats, provided in the Workboat Regulation, are met.

Keywords: workboats, vessel, structure, hull, stability, machinery, electrical installations, fire safety, conformity, conformity assessment