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Providing an ‘app’ for the monitoring of local manure transports.

Draft Ministerial Decree amending the Ministerial Decree of 3 July 2014 for the transportation and processing of fertilisers, with regard to the AGR-GPS system

This draft Ministerial Decree contains further elaboration of the AGR-GPS system that farmers, manure processors, etc. are to use when carrying out certain local manure transports.

Under Article 48 of the Manure Decree of 22 December 2006 the transport of animal manure and other fertilisers in Flanders is to be carried out by recognised manure transporters. There are a number of exceptions to this, including for local transports that those involved carry out for themselves (the ‘neighbouring schemes’, as referred to in Article 49 of the Manure Decree of 22 December 2006). The decree amendment of 24 May 2019 imposes that an AGR-GPS system is to be used for a number of these types of local manure transports. With the Decree of the Flemish Government of 31 January 2020 amending the VLAREM of 28 October 2016 with regard to the AGR-GPS system for neighbouring schemes, the detailed rules in respect to this were elaborated on and it was imposed that the use of this system will require an app. The technical details of the system and the requirements which this app must satisfy are specified in this Ministerial Decree.