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Packaging and packaging waste management

Draft law on amendments to the Packaging Law

The draft technical regulation proposes to:

1) define more closely the definitions of ‘reusable packaging’, ‘packaging waste recycling’ and ‘recovery’, include the definition of ‘composite packaging’ and delete the definition of ‘energy recovery’;

2) define more closely the purpose of the Packaging Law, including the transition to a circular economy and promotion of Latvia's competitiveness;

3) define more closely the requirements for packaging;

4) define more closely the requirements for biodegradable packaging waste, if it is recovered through composting;

5) expand Article 12 of the Packaging Law with a paragraph relating to the prevention of the emergence of packaging waste and define more closely the requirements for a packaging waste management system;

6) define more closely the conditions for packaging waste sent to other Member States or exported for recycling or recovery;

7) define more closely the requirements for the preparation and submission of reports to the European Commission;

8) lay down a requirement for the Latvian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development to evaluate the fulfilment of the packaging recycling targets and, if necessary, prepare a plan for submission to the European Commission;

9) define more closely and supplement the reporting requirements of packers and packaging managers and the competence of the Latvian State Environmental Service with regard to the packaging waste control system;

10) delegate to the Cabinet to issue provisions on the calculation of achievement of targets and on the content of the report and plan to be submitted to the European Commission;

11) edit more closely the regulatory framework requirements regarding the application of a deposit system.