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  • H10 - Glücksspiele

Regulations are applicable to those who apply for a licence to provide games in accordance with Chapters 5-10 of the Gambling Act (2018:1138) or a permit for the possession of cash, token and goods gambling machines in accordance with Chapter 11, § 7 of the Gambling Act

The Swedish Gambling Authority’s Regulations (2020:X) on licence and permit applications for the possession of gambling machines

In order for the Swedish Gambling Authority to be able to conduct an appropriate suitability assessment of the applicant for a licence to provide gambling services in Sweden, it is required that the applicant submit information and documents when applying for a licence that the Authority considers relevant. The regulations contain provisions on what information and documents the applicant is required to submit in connection with the licence application. It is proposed that the regulation be decided on 1 August 2020.