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Individual sewerage installations for the treatment of domestic waste water

Decree on the approval of individual sewerage treatment systems

The draft Decree aims to introduce a time limit for approvals of individual sewerage (ANC [assainissement non collectif]) treatment systems and to specify the procedures for renewing approvals. Furthermore, the draft specifies the procedures for withdrawing approvals predefined in the Order of 7 September 2009, as amended.

The main provisions introduced in this draft Decree are as follows:

- implementation of a validity period of seven years for approvals of individual sewerage treatment systems;

- procedures for suspending or withdrawing approvals for individual sewerage treatment systems as soon as their conditions for issuance are no longer met, in the event of a false declaration by their holder or in the event that malfunctions have been identified in situ by the services responsible for inspection;

- procedures for renewing approvals, the provisions for which are specified in the Order amending the Order of 7 September 2009 laying down the technical specifications applicable to individual sewerage systems receiving a gross load of organic waste less than or equal to 1.2 kg/day of BOD5;

- procedures for renewing approvals issued before the entry into force of this Decree.