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Gaming Regulations on the suitability of persons

Draft Technical Regulations on Gaming Regulations on the suitability of persons

The draft Technical Regulations relate to the Gaming Regulations on the suitability of persons and more specifically:

In accordance with Article 29(3) of Law 4002/2011 (Government Gazette, Series I, No 180), the Hellenic Gaming Commission made a recommendation to the Minister for Finance to issue Gaming Regulations on the suitability of persons. In accordance with that recommendation, and taking into consideration the principles of sound administration, equality and proportionality, the defence of societal and public interests, and the complexity and risks arising from the size of undertakings and from persons operating in the gaming market, those Regulations set out, with the requisite degree of clarity, comprehensiveness and detail, the conditions and procedures for:

a) granting suitability licences to persons involved in the running and organisation of games of chance, in a uniform manner and independently of how the relevant right to conduct those games was granted, the type of games, the means, time, manner and network for the provision, marketing and distribution of the relevant services, and the level of the relevant fees and charges and the procedure for paying them;

b) recognising certification bodies which operate specialised test labs; and

c) keeping the specified registers.