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motor vehicles

Government regulation amending Government Regulation No 56/2013 laying down the rules for classification of road motor vehicles into emission categories and concerning emission badges

The government regulation lays down how road motor vehicles are classified into emission categories, specimens of emission badges, rules for marking a road motor vehicle with the appropriate emission badge, detailed conditions for the distribution of emission badges and their price. The decision to declare any low-emission zones is within the purview of individual towns and municipalities. The proposed change to the regulation introduces three new emission categories to better correspond to the current vehicle mix. In addition to existing vehicle emission categories 1 to 4, new emission categories 5, 6 and E are added. The draft specifies the individual road motor vehicle categories based on EURO emission limits that the given vehicle meets. The new 'E' emission category is intended for vehicles powered by electricity or hydrogen, either exclusively or in combination with another fuel, if the CO2 emission value in combined operation does not exceed 50 g/km.

Keywords: low-emission zones, vehicle emission categories, air, traffic