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Prepackaging, controlling prepackaging

Ordinance amending prepackaging law

The draft Ordinance consolidates prepackaging law regulations in a clear structure with basic offences. From these regulations, manufacturers can clearly determine which requirements must be observed for labelling prepackaging. In addition to increasing transparency in prepackaging law, the draft intends to reduce bureaucracy and to adapt to applicable European and national law. Furthermore, the draft also contains regulations on fees for controlling prepackaging.

The possibility of maintaining national regulations within the scope of the European regulation (Article 42 of Regulation (EU)

No 1169/2011; Food Information Regulation) has been exploited to the furthest possible extent. The corresponding notification to the European Commission was made within the period prescribed on 16 October 2014. It was published in the electronic Federal Gazette by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

The provisions communicated to the European Commission under Article 42 of the Food Information Regulation are set out in Section 5 of the Ordinance. This does not entail substantive amendments.