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Betting terminals (technical equipment in a betting shop connected to a betting operator via a data link and allowing betting customers to directly place a bet without the assistance of another person)

Lower Austrian Betting Act (NÖ WettG)

The draft of the Lower Austrian Betting Act regulates the activities of betting operators (placement and brokerage of bets and betting customers, including via the internet).

Authorisation and notification procedures are planned, provisions on cancellation, on revoking licences and on prohibited bets are also included. Betting operators must adhere to betting regulations and betting conditions and register betting procedures in a betting log. Betting terminals must have special characteristics, which must be proven by a technical report. Youth and gambler protection is specifically addressed in § 13 (self-imposed bans and third-party bans). All bets via betting terminals and over-the-counter bets that exceed EUR 100 per bet may only be placed with a personalised betting customer card. The fourth section of the draft regulates the levy on betting terminals. Monitoring, closures and penalties within the framework of administrative penalty proceedings are designed to impede illegal betting systems. With the last amendment to the Act on the activity of the totalisators and bookmakers (decided in the Lower Austrian Provincial Parliament on 13 June 2019), the Fourth Money Laundering Directive was newly implemented and the Fifth Money Laundering Directive implemented for the first time. This implementation is now also included in the Lower Austrian Betting Act (e.g. §§ 14 to 19).