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Pig meat

Draft production specifications for the pig meat supply chain

The draft production specifications for the pig meat supply chain apply to the breeding, slaughtering, butchering and sale of pigs. They include a comparison grid between the current provisions of the law and the provisions of the specifications themselves.

The draft specifications provide instructions on: choice and identification of animals, breeding and welfare system, feeding, pharmacological treatments, slaughtering/butchering methods, traceability, information to be included on the label with corresponding measures to ensure its truthfulness, education and training, self-monitoring, and control system.

Furthermore, in compliance with the procedures for drafting the specifications of the Guidelines, the following areas of intervention and the specific principles observed in the draft specification are indicated, from which the requirements that will give the product a quality significantly higher than the commercial standards in terms of public health and animal health and welfare are deduced, and that the products in question bearing the quality mark will have specific characteristics different from those of a comparable product without a mark.