SK Slowakei
  • B00 - BAUWESEN

Revision of the concept and creation of design documentation for road tunnel equipment, with a focus on the central control system and visualisation.

Technical Specifications (TS) 093 – Central Control System and Visualisation – Tunnels

The draft of the technical specifications (TS) updates and supplements the existing TS (notified under number 2015/0358/SK) to the following extent:

• update to the list of cited and related standards and technical regulations,

• update to the TS based on the findings obtained during the construction and operation of newly built tunnels,

• update to the marking of technological equipment,

• addition of markings of technological equipment for single-tube tunnels,

• addition of new equipment integrated into the central control system (swinging barriers, etc.),

• updated interfaces for new equipment,

• addition of symbols and visualisations of new equipment,

• addition of the implementation of the central control system for tunnels, including visualisation, regional control centre,

• direct coordination with practical requirements.