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This draft Order sets out rules related to the technical safety (airworthiness) and use of aircraft not regulated by European law, such as amateur-built aircraft and light gyrocopters, as well as aircraft used for non-military government activities or services (such as the police or coast guard).

Order adopting the Order on national aircraft safety requirements

The elements of airworthiness in the proposed Order cover design, requirements for obtaining proof of airworthiness and associated inspections and approvals, aircraft modifications, aircraft maintenance, investigation and reporting of defects and shortcomings detected during maintenance, as well as procedural matters related to these aspects. In addition, the proposal also includes some restrictions on use and a single provision on aircraft from other member states of the European Civil Aviation Conference that are not registered in the Netherlands. These matters are currently regulated in several different orders. This draft Order merges and repeals these orders. Articles in Chapters 2 to 7 on the aforementioned aspects may contain technical regulations.

No special mutual recognition clause:

for the ICAO certificate of airworthiness, which in principle permits international flight, mutual acceptance based on agreements with third countries;

for a special certificate of airworthiness, in principle it is not permitted to fly outside the Netherlands.