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Storage of other hazardous substances (chemicals) falling under PGS 31 in underground and above-ground tank systems, transport and distribution of gas falling under NEN 1059, discharges onto water

Order of the Minister for the Environment and Housing amending the Environmental Management (Activities) Order and the Environmental Law Order in connection with changes to PGS 31 and certain technical amendments

Article I may contain technical regulations.

The Environmental Management (Activities) Order contains general standards with which establishments must comply. The Annex to the Environmental Law Order contains a list of documents regarded as Best Available Techniques (BAT) documents. These are to be taken into account when granting permits. This Order includes an amendment to the Environmental Management (Activities) Order (hereinafter: the ‘Activities Order’) and the Environmental Law Order (hereinafter: ‘Mor’) based on the new PGS guideline 31: ‘Other hazardous liquids: storage in underground and above-ground tank systems’, NEN 1059 on Gas supply systems, a standardisation document of the Netherlands Standardisation Institute (hereinafter: NEN standards) and the Water Immission Standard Manual [Handboek Immissienorm Water].