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Heating systems in new buildings

Planning of heating systems in new buildings

Construction and planning of pipeline infrastructure for heat supply

Ordinance of the Municipal Council of the City of Vienna laying down an Energy Spatial Plan for the 2nd Municipal District

With the amendment to the Vienna Building Code [Bauordnung für Wien] at the end of 2018 (State Law Gazette No 69/2018) the energy spatial plans were introduced as a tool enabling a targeted, sustainable control of the use of energy sources to supply space heating and hot water in new buildings.

The regulation is an Ordinance under the Vienna Building Code, and is enforced together with other building-law provisions. It is enacted separately for each municipal district.

It stipulates that where district heating is available, either this or another highly efficient alternative system in accordance with Article 118(3) of the Vienna Building Code must be used. This means that natural gas is no longer permitted for space heating or hot water in new buildings located in those areas.