AT Österreich

1. Amusement machines

2. Reusable containers and reusable tableware and cutlery/disposable containers and disposable tableware and cutlery

Act enacting the Vienna Events Act 2020 (Wiener Veranstaltungsgesetz - Wr. VG)

1. Amusement machine requirements (§ 15 paragraphs 1 to 3 and 5):

Amusement machines may only be used for entertainment purposes and do not constitute gaming machines. The stake per game is limited to EUR 1; only goods with a maximum value of EUR 5 or 5 free spins may be offered (cash or vouchers are not permitted). They must be marked accordingly with information on the gaming opportunities as well as the name, address and telephone number of the organiser. The authority must be notified of the installation of entertainment machines that are not only operated mechanically. The information must be accompanied by an expert opinion attesting that the entertainment machine complies with the legal requirements and that gambling cannot be carried out on the machine.

2. Requirement for the use of reusable containers, reusable tableware and cutlery at certain events in the territory of the province of Vienna (§ 32(3)):

For events with more than 1 000 persons or which take place on properties owned by the province of Vienna, beverages are to be served from reusable containers insofar as these types of beverages are available in reusable containers in Vienna, and are in any case to be issued in reusable containers. Reusable tableware and cutlery (e.g. made of glass, ceramic, metal or plastic) must be used for serving food. If this is not possible for official safety reasons, packaging, containers, dishes and cutlery made from renewable raw materials must be used.