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Telecommunication equipment, radio equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment

• Draft revision of the Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Office of Communications on telecommunications installations (OOIT), 2 pages in French, German and Italian (to be amended)

• Radio Interface Regulation (RIR) RIR0501-23, RIR0501-28, RIR0501-29, RIR0501-30, RIR0501-31, RIR0504-04, RIR0504-05, RIR0504-06, RIR0504-07, RIR0703-02, RIR0703-03, RIR0808-18, RIR0808-19, RIR1004-19, RIR1004-20 (new)

• Radio Interface Regulation (RIR) RIR1006-05 (to be abrogated)

• Radio Interface Regulation (RIR) RIR0101-02, RIR0201-71, RIR0201-72, RIR0203-11, RIR1009-10, RIR1009-11, RIR1013-20 (to be amended)

• Technical and administrative regulations PTA5.2 and PTA5.3 (to be amended)

The Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Office of Communications on telecommunications installations (OOIT) specifies the basic technical requirements with regard to telecommunications installations set out by the Swiss Federal Council. It regulates the use of radio interfaces in Switzerland.

As decided during the World Radio Conference in 2015 several radio interface regulations in the 700 MHz band have been created for commercial mobile communication services aka mobile/fixed communication networks (MFCN) and for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) RIR0501-28, RIR0501-29, RIR0501-30, RIR0504-04, RIR0504-05, RIR0504-06, RIR0504-07. Also for MFCN, a supplemental downlink in the range 1427-1518 MHz and a time division duplex (TDD) band has been introduced with the RIR0501-31 and RIR0501-23. As a reaction of the frequency expansion of MFCN and PPDR services into the 700 MHz band, the RIR0201-71, RIR0201-72, RIR1009-10, RIR1009-11, RIR1013-20 have to reduce their frequency ranges down to 694 MHz. The RIR0101-02 has been adapted because aeronautical communications switched to the 8.33 kHz grid by 1.1.2019. In the range of 76-77 GHz, a RIR for obstacle detection radars for rotorcraft use (RIR1004-19) and one for drone detection radars (RIR1004-20) will be introduced. Further radars in the range of 24-35 GHz will be introduced for rain (RIR0703-02) and cloud (RIR0703-03) detection. The RIR0808-18 and RIR0808-19 have been introduced in the range 1980-2200 MHz in order to provide broadband services to aircrafts.

The RIR1006-05 for Ultra Low Power Active Animal Implantable Devices will be deleted since this RIR is already covered by RIR1005-13. However, the RIR1005-13 has different requirements in terms of duty cycle, occupied bandwidth, and maximum allowed field strength. For some application it will be more and for others less stringent.

The technical and administrative regulations (PTA5.2, PTA5.3) which apply to mobile jammers and to fixed installation in prisons, intended to be operated by authorities to safeguard public security, have been reviewed in order to guarantee a more accurate definition of the measurement requirements. These regulations impose the requirements on the products in order to get a type approval.