NO Norwegen

Parmaceutical products: Parallell export by wholesale distributors.

Draft amendments to Act no. 132 of 4 December 1992 relating to Medicinal Products and Regulation no. 1219 of 21 December 1993 relating to the Wholesale Distribution of Medicinal Products.

The Ministry of Health and Care Services proposes amendments to the Act on Medicinal Products to prevent or relieve shortages.

The Ministry of Health and Care Services suggests that the Norwegian Medicines Agency is given the authority to prohibit wholesale distributors of medicinal products to parallel export certain medicinal products when there is a risk of, or when it has been established, a temporary or permanent interruption in the supply of medicinal products, to ensure continuous supply of medicinal products. Which medicinal products that are subject to restrictions on parallel export will appear from a list layed down as an annex to the Regulation on Wholesale Distributors.