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Broadcasting and Audiovisual On-demand Services

"Høringsnotat – Forslag til endringer i Forskrift om kringkasting og audiovisuelle bestillingstjenester"

("Consultation paper - Proposal of changes to the Regulations relating to Broadcasting and Audiovisual On-demand Services")

The main points of the proposal presented are:

To set the quantitative requirements for the public service broadcaster NRK to facilitate its content for persons with disabilities in the Regulations relating to Broadcasting and Audiovisual On-demand Services (Forskrift om kringkasting og audiovisuelle bestillingstjenester). NRK shall, for example, make available all programmes that have been subtitled in television broadcasts with subtitles when such programmes are made available on an on-demand audiovisual media service.

The next point of the proposal are rules for identification of a sponsor. Identification of an individual sponsor may last for a maximum of 10 seconds for every full hour the program lasts. If a programme has four or more sponsors, the sponsor identification may in total not exceed 40 seconds per hour.

The last point of this proposal is the presentation of sponsored prizes. Presentation of sponsored prizes in audiovisual media services permitted, but shall not be more comprehensive than necessary to inform the audience about the prize.