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Construction products in general with regard to their use and application

Draft Model Building Regulation (MBO) - version November 2002, as last amended by resolution of the Conference of Construction Ministers of 27 September 2019

In addition to general provisions, the Model Building Regulation contains regulations on property and property development, regulations on structural works - e.g. general requirements pertaining to the execution of construction work, the fire behaviour of building materials and components, fire escapes, openings, protectors, technical fittings for buildings and construction products and designs - as well as regulations applicable to those involved in the construction, the building supervisory authorities and procedures, regulatory offences, legislation and transitional and concluding provisions.

The current amendment to the MBO relates to Section 26 ‘General requirements pertaining to the behaviour of building materials and components in fire’, Section 28 ‘External Walls’, Section 61 ‘Building projects that are not subject to approval, the removal of installations’ and Section 72a ‘Type Approval’. Additions were made to Sections 26, 28 and 61 MBO. Section 72a MBO is to be added to the previous version of the MBO.