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§ 3 of the State Ordinance concerns biocidal products that are used as disinfectants by those who, not being doctors or dentists, perform work on people in which pathogens can be transmitted to humans in an occupational or professional capacity.

Ordinance of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Family and Senior Citizens of Schleswig-Holstein: State Ordinance on the prevention of communicable diseases (Hygiene Ordinance [HygieneVO])

Disinfectants used to protect people against infections with pathogens of communicable diseases in hairdressing, in cosmetics and cosmetic dentistry, in foot care and podiatry, in the tattooing or piercing process, when piercing ears or during other activities that injure the surface of the body must be suitable for preventing infection during these activities and proven to be effective in doing so. The (bacterial, viral, yeasticidal, tuberculocidal, mycobactericidal, fungicidal or sporicidal) efficacy required for each area of use must be documented by at least two independent test reports and associated expert reports. The test reports must be prepared by manufacturer-independent, accredited testing institutes and fulfil test methodology requirements. The test reports and export reports must have been scientifically evaluated by an independent commission of experts.