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The technical rule submitted covers the design, installation and testing of telecommunications infrastructure to be installed in buildings.

ITED Manual - Telecommunications Infrastructure in Buildings - 4th edition

The 4th edition of the ITED Manual establishes the rules for the design, installation and testing of piping and cabling networks to be installed in buildings. Cabling networks consist of devices and cables with copper pair, coaxial cable and fibre optics technologies. The telecommunications infrastructure installed will allow buildings to adapt to fixed technologies for the transmission of information, enabling them to be safely established, in accordance with the European Standardisation applicable to this sector.

Content which promotes broadband coverage and multi-operator access, boosts the offer of new services and technologies and emphasises the need to apply good practices in all stages of development and implementation of telecommunications infrastructure is assumed to be instrumental.

Key words: ITUR, NGA, FTTB, fibre optics, coaxial, copper pair, broadband, infrastructures, fixed telecommunications, multi-operator.