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Structures (buildings and structures that are not buildings)

Order of the Minister for the Interior and Kingdom Relations amending the Order on the Building Decree 2012 regarding the safety of wideslab flooring

The Building Decree 2012 contains regulations on the renovation and demolition of structures, the condition and use of existing structures, open areas and grounds, and safety during construction and demolition works. Some parts of the Building Decree 2012 state that detailed regulations shall be laid down by ministerial order. This is the Order on the Building Decree 2012.

Article 1.3 of the Building Decree 2012 [Bouwbesluit 2012] contains an equivalence clause that also applies to the ministerial orders. See also the explanatory notes by article regarding said clause.

Article 1.3 Equivalence clause, paragraphs 1 and 2.

1. It is not necessary to meet a requirement given in Chapters 2 to 7 if the structure or its use offers at least the same level of safety, health protection, usability, energy-efficiency and environmental protection as that intended by the provisions of these chapters, without applying said provisions.

2. An equivalent solution as referred to in paragraph 1 shall be retained during use of the structure.

In addition, the Order on the Building Decree 2012 can issue provisions on the obligation to investigate as referred to in Article 1a(3) of the Housing Act [Woningwet]. By virtue of said Article in the Housing Act, this amending Order sets out requirements on the safety of wideslab flooring.