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Single-use cutlery

Order on the requirement for economic operators to ensure that consumers are correctly, fully and precisely informed regarding the risks associated with the use of single-use cutlery

The Order establishes the conditions to be met by economic operators so that consumers are correctly, completely and precisely informed regarding the use of single-use cutlery.

The Order applies to single-use cutlery intended for consumers, or which might foreseeably be used by consumers, which is provided or made available free of charge or for a consideration in the context of a commercial activity, including in the context of providing services.

Economic operators shall be required to ensure that consumers are provided with useful information enabling them to evaluate the risks associated with single-use cutlery.

Economic operators shall offer at least the following information by displaying it in the place in which the products are being marketed and on the packaging:

a) the key of the symbols used;

b) the risk of deterioration during use;

c) the fact that the products may be used by minors under the close supervision of an adult.

The information is to be presented in a clear, easily understandable and readable manner, in Romanian, although this does not exclude the additional use of other languages.